LamdaSoft provides shrink-wrap applications and custom programming services. As a small software shop we are flexible and nimble enough to be very responsive to your needs and provide you with solutions, tailor-made to fit your unique requirements.
LamdaSoft has unique experience in ASN.1 and ASN1SCC and provides customizations services for ASN1SCC including:

Support of a new programming language such as Rust, Go or Python etc.

Support for a custom encoding

Extensions to the ACN encoding to cover your project special needs

Generation of custom output files (e.g. custom ASCII files, XML/XSD files or even DML/DDL SQL statements for your ASN.1 grammar!)

Basic support for bug fixes and online training courses.

Moreover, we have a lot of experience in creating development tools and especially code generators. Our code generators have been used to create and automate from simple programs such as a migration SQL script to a much more complicated software like a modern Single Page Application using TypeScript and Spring/Java.